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mark and his lads

 I Booked a Saturday for my two oldest lads and myself including bike hire and all the gear plus a guide for the three of us .
Told Rob we had a little bit of off road experience . ( I lied as I had not ridden off road since owning a moped 34 years ago ).

We turned up on the day not quite knowing what to expect having not done any thing like this before .
we found Rob to be very welcoming on our arrival and quickly sorted out the paper work and riding gear .
All the bikes and gear where clean and in great shape .
His local knowledge was unbeatable . When we where out and about on the bikes most if not all the locals acknowledged him as we passed them.
His guidance and approach was great .He lets you get on with it unless you are close to eminent failure or risk to other riders or people in your immediate vicinity.
We all got wet & muddy and had several encounters with the local wildlife on our travels .We rode a variety of trails each one increasing in difficulty as our ability was accessed by Rob as the day progressed .
We covered 90 miles and I did things that I thought where far beyond my ability.
All in all we had an absolutely brilliant day.
As we traveled around the local country side It became very apparent that Rob has a great deal of respect for other people and their property.
So If you are looking for a Responsible fun packed exciting days Trail riding this is the one of replica patek philippe watches to choose .
A big thanks to Rob for a great day......

mark and his lads - Sunday, August 11, 2013

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